Construction Of Jurf And Saay Channels In Duqm


This project is the follow-up of the first infrastructure project Channel Dangert 1 at the same area in Oman to provide a significant degree of flood protection.

The project scope is including two channels; Jurf channel flows from west to south, and then turns west and ends at the sea. Channel width varies between 340 m to 650 m at the sea outlet. Saay channels flows south to north till the junction with Jurf channel. This channel has also different bed widths varying from 90 m to 320m at the Jurf channel junction. Jurf and Saay Channel Project includes the construction of 22 km long trapezoid sectional drainage channels in total.

The Scope of Work Includes the Following Major Components

  • Excavation
  • Placing and levelling backfill material
  • Embankment Construction and Structural Fill works
  • Providing Gabion erosion protection
  • Provide riprap upstream protection and gravel downstream protection
  • Provide invert protection to channels
  • Design and construction of culvert
  • Construction of compacted platforms using excess spoil form excavations
  • Construction of temporary track road giving access to the construction site