Construction Of Roads, Infrastructure & Buildings At The Commercial Terminal & Operational Zone Areas, Port Of Duqm


In general, the project includes Container Terminal Area approximately 620,000.00 m² stock area, Dry Bulk Terminal, Multipurpose Terminal Area, and Operational Area with the 2,3 km berth for the Merchant vessels. The area of the project site is 90 ha. SERKA International is participating this eligible project with various construction works in Oman.

The Project Scope Covers

  • Construction, installation, testing, commissioning and remedying of defects of the road and paving works
  • Infrastructure works
  • Building works (terminal administration building, training and amenities building\ Control Tower, warehouses, workshop buildings and fuel stations)
  • Crane beam and track works
  • Soil improvement works
  • Vibro Compaction Works
  • Concrete block pavement