Jss, Shield Baghdad


This design-build project involved the complete (100%) design and construction of facilities and all associated utility infrastructure necessary to establish life support and training facilities on a 10.5 HA site at the Baghdad Police Academy Annex in Baghdad, Iraq.

Project Scope Includes

  • The installation and retrofitting of government-furnished (GF) CHU’s
  • 4,200 sqm one-story office building and 2,100 sqm dining facility (DFAC)
  • Concrete foundations
  • Hot-mix asphalt paved roads
  • An overhead protective cover (OPC) system
  • Steel columns anchored on concrete foundations
  • Ballistic resistance fiberglass (also referred to as E-glass)
  • ‘Pre-detonation’ roof system made of corrugated metal
  • Demolition of existing site features and structures
  • With an integrated OPC system over each structure
  • Four (4) 250,000 gallons water storage tanks