Sather Air Base, Bagdad Iraq


The core of the project scope involved the installation and retrofitting of government furnished (GF) CHU PODs, both dry and wet. They feature central “safe havens,” which consist of doors and walls capable of resisting forced entry for five minutes.

Project Scope Includes

  • Concrete foundations
  • Hot-mix asphalt paved roads
  • An overhead protective cover (OPC) system
  • Steel columns anchored on concrete foundations
  • Ballistic resistance fiberglass (also referred to as E-glass)
  • ‘Pre-detonation’ roof system made of corrugated metal
  • Domestic water, sanitary sewer, fire protection, technical security systems, telecommunication system, and CATV
  • 250,000 gallons capacity 2 steel bolted tank, 550 cbm/day capacity WWTP
  • Overhead energy transmission line
  • Climate control by split air conditioning units